Using Vlans on windows Host and Windows Guest

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Using Vlans on windows Host and Windows Guest

Postby vlan_vm » 23. Mar 2010, 02:19

Hey, I have installed the Broadcom BASP control interface on a host machine. The host is Windows Server 2003 EE, and the guest is the same OS.
I have two virtual network interfaces on the host, which is using a Broadcom BCM57xx nic. Using either virtual network interface in conjunction with a bridged adapter does not appear to pass traffic.

On the virtual machine I'm using the Intel Pro/1000 Mt Server virtual nic. I enabled vlan tagging here as well. I have gotten the virtual machine to recieve a physical IP, but only for an untagged vlan. Whenever I attempt to use a tagged vlan, I can only assign an IP to the host OS and not the guest OS.
This is both with an without vlan tagging enabled on the guest OS. I also tried removing the BASP software from the host, and using the Intel Vlan tagging on the guest only, but this does not appear to work either.

When I am able to assign an IP to untagged vlan in the guest OS, it does not appear to matter which network connection on the host machine that I link the virtual machine's bridged adapter to. I can choose either BASP adapter (tagged or untagged) or the root Local Area Connection (direct ethernet connection).
I found some information online stating that Broadcom network cards remove vlan tagging, and tried to disable this. ... Id=1166410

Looking in Wireshark, no packets are found when I set the filter to (ex: Any vlan works fine for the host however, and I can see packets for any vlan by looking at the source/destination ip. Each vlan corresponds to a different network block/ associated IP that I am trying to make use of.

Is this a VirtualBox issue or a Broadcom issue? Has anyone gotten vlans to work on a virtual machine with physical Broadcom hardware on a Windows host?
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