verr_vmx_msr_locked_or_disabled with 2 CPUs

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verr_vmx_msr_locked_or_disabled with 2 CPUs

Postby leniviy » 16. Mar 2010, 15:11

Hi. If I move a slider to 2 CPUs in VM settings, it can't start with "verr_vmx_msr_locked_or_disabled"

The host is a desktop PC, not a laptop

Everest telss the following:
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MB: Intel Frostburg DG33FB
CPU:   Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz
Nested Paging   unsupported
Virtual Machine Extensions (Vanderpool)   supported
Virtual Mode Extension   supported

I don't have any virtualisation settings in BIOS

After I press OK and close the guest window, a separate process VirtualBox.exe stays running, and buttons on main window are grayed out. So I have to kill VirtualBox.exe via task manager
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Re: verr_vmx_msr_locked_or_disabled with 2 CPUs

Postby Perryg » 17. Mar 2010, 03:16

VBox has detected the VT-x enabled CPU but if your bios does not support hardware virtualization you can not set the processor count above 1
See if there is an update to your bios.
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Re: verr_vmx_msr_locked_or_disabled with 2 CPUs

Postby m_pahlevanzadeh » 29. Aug 2012, 01:45

I have the same problem and solved with your suggestion (count to 1 cpu),and booted my OS, but i want to use more cpu , how i do it?
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Re: verr_vmx_msr_locked_or_disabled with 2 CPUs

Postby Martin » 29. Aug 2012, 09:04

Your CPU and BIOS need to support hardware virtualisation (Intel VT-x or AMD-V) to be able to run 64bit guests or guests with more than one virtual CPU in VirtualBox.
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Re: verr_vmx_msr_locked_or_disabled with 2 CPUs

Postby mikeinnyc » 3. Sep 2012, 05:45

Windows Home < has 1 limit cpu
Windows Enterprise has a 2 limit cpu
2008 Standard edition supports upto 4 multi-core CPU's
2008 Enterprise edition supports upto 8 multi-core CPU's
2008 Datacenter edition supports upto 64 multi-core CPU's
cant do jack on reg windows
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