No "first start wizard"

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No "first start wizard"

Postby thelonesoldier » 3. Jan 2010, 15:48

I am trying to create a new machine. According to the help file, after you finishing creating the machine (choose the name and OS type, make the virtual hard drive file) and run the machine for the first time, a "first start wizard" or "first run wizard" will open to help you install your guest OS. But this wizard never runs and I can't find any way to manually start it. Is this a bug? :?:
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Re: No "first start wizard"

Postby Perryg » 3. Jan 2010, 16:05

Basically the only thing that the wizard does is ask you where the install media is located.
Go into the settings and under storage and tell VBox where the install media is.
Windows 95 is not supported and as such can be really hard to install. Read on here. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9918
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Re: No "first start wizard"

Postby thelonesoldier » 4. Jan 2010, 04:04

So... is the wizard not supposed to work, or what?

Oi, I was all certain I'd read it supports 95 but now I can't find where I thought I read that. Do you know any Virtual Machine with good 95 support? Is there one? I'm on Windows 7 64bit and I have way too many old games and apps that won't run in that environment. I was hoping to get a Windows 95 VM working. Microsoft VM is the same way, they say Windows 95 might work but isn't supported.

Anyway, thanks, I'll look at the link you gave me and see if that helps.
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Re: No "first start wizard"

Postby MarkCranness » 7. Jan 2010, 01:51

As Perryg says, all the first run wizard does is attach a CD or DVD to the VM so that it can boot from that CD/DVD. Afterwards, I guess it might remove the CD/DVD but I don't know.
Most people attach the CD/DVD manually themselves, which is what I recommend you do.
See section 3.3 of the user manual, the paragraph starting: 'For now, if you have just created an empty VM...'

After you have installed the OS, go into the setting again and disable 'Mount CD/DVD Drive'.

If you really, really want to get the first run wizard back, you need to run a command at the command line (or edit the machine xml file) (this was for 3.0.x, I haven't tested it for 3.1.x):
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VBoxManage setextradata "<VMName>" "GUI/FirstRun" yes
... you need to specify the full path to VBoxManage, or run the command in the VirtualBox install folder.
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"C:\Program Files\sun\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe" setextradata "<VMName>" "GUI/FirstRun" yes
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Re: No "first start wizard"

Postby eliasrio » 18. Feb 2011, 20:00

i didn't get the First Run Wizard window,when i start the vm i got:
The virtual machine execution may run into an error condition as described below. We suggest that you take an appropriate action to avert the error.
The host I/O cache for at least one controller is disabled and the medium '/home/lee/.VirtualBox/HardDisks/winsever08.vdi' for this VM is located on an ext4 partition. There is a known Linux kernel bug which can lead to the corruption of the virtual disk image under these conditions.
Either enable the host I/O cache permanently in the VM settings or put the disk image and the snapshot folder onto a different file system.
The host I/O cache will now be enabled for this medium.

Error ID: Ext4PartitionDetected
Severity: Warning

them after OK i get the black vm's screem with the message:
FATAL ERROR: no boobtalbe media found, system halted.

how do I attach an iso system file manually?? and how to fix the ext4 partition problem??
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Re: No "first start wizard"

Postby Sasquatch » 19. Feb 2011, 17:32

You won't get the first-run wizard if you opened the VM settings before you start the VM for the first time.
As for the error, just do what it says, open the VM settings, go to Storage and enable IO Cache for the controller(s) it needs. It's enabled for IDE controllers by default, but not for SATA. And make sure that if you use SATA as controller for the Guest, that the Guest actually supports it. Windows XP does support it, but not out of the box (a separate driver is required).
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