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[Solved] Win2k8 - wbadmin systemstate backups fail

PostPosted: 7. Oct 2009, 18:00
by OhDear21
Have a Win2k8 guest running on virtual box, I have two volumes presented and the second volume is clean with no data. Attempt to run a system state backup and it fails. COmmand is "wbadmin start systemstatebackup -backuptarget:e: -quiet"
After a very short time, it fails with "Enumeration of the files failed" "The parameter is incorrect" if the same is done on an R2 version of 2k8 i get the following "The operation ended before completion" "The parameter is incorrect"

If I do the exact same in Microsoft Virtual PC - all works
If I do the same in Hyper-V - all works

I'm wondering if there is something to do with the nature of the virtual disks (vdi) and how the OS is seeing them.

Looking for ideas as to what might be the cause without having to resort to VPC or Hyper-V

The OS install is vanilla - just a straight OS install with virtual box intergration tools
Virtual Server version :- 3.0.8-53140

Re: Win2k8 - wbadmin systemstate backups fail

PostPosted: 8. Oct 2009, 11:15
by OhDear21
This has now been sorted. The problem is with the vboxservice running inside the guest O/S.
The service image path within the registry is considered as invalid by the WIn2k8 backup tools.
The default install image path is set to "system32\vboxservice.exe" if this get modifed to "c:\windows\system32\vboxservice.exe" the backup tools now start to work as expected.

Full RegKey location:-