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Re: CloneVDI tool - Discussion & Support

Postby mpack » 11. Jun 2019, 11:20

I see no way CloneVDI could do that. It would involve accessing information (the DEK) not stored in the VDI, i.e. I'd have to extract it from a file not covered by a spec and over whose format I have no control, and which may not even exist. Plus it would mean I have to mess with security issues and encryption, which I don't want to touch at all.

Besides, it sounds to me like a niche case, meaning almost nobody would use it. Those are always unrewarding.
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Re: CloneVDI tool - Discussion & Support

Postby caspertone » 11. Jun 2019, 22:57

Thanks for the answer.
Just to point out that I feel a tool could do it, I understand and respect it is not your vision for CloneVDI. On the other hand, anyone wishing to develop such tool would need to develop what is already inside CloneVDI to be able to do it dynamically, i.e., avoiding full decription, then compresing, then recrypting. Would you be ready to offer an API to use the functionalyty (read block, compress, write block) from an outside program so that it could read bloc-decrypt-compress-encrypt-write?
Perhaps it looks marginal as per today, I would expect a higher number of people encrypting their virtual disks...
Thanks anycase!
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