DirectX thru VirtualBox - Will this work?

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DirectX thru VirtualBox - Will this work?

Postby tacopalypse » 11. Apr 2009, 19:49

So here's the situation - I got windows 7 beta installed on a 4-year old Dell Inspiron 600m laptop with a ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics chip. The current version of directx is DX11, which runs fine most of the time, except it crashes my computer whenever i try to run any directx applications (like media player classic, adobe premiere, win7 solitaire, etc). All these programs run fine in XP using directx 9, so I'm wondering if i could just run a copy of XP in virtualbox in windows7 and use that to run directx applications (so i don't have to reboot my comp into XP every time i want to watch a video or something).

So, basically the "layers" would be something like: application -> directx 9 -> win XP -> virtual box -> win 7

Does anyone know if that would actually work or has tried it themselves? Just thought I'd ask before going through all the trouble of installing everything.

Oh, and I realize a lot of simpler solutions might come to mind first, so here's what I've tried so far:
Turning off hardware accel - no effect
Updating drivers - no newer drivers exist
Downgrading directx - not possible

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Re: DirectX thru VirtualBox - Will this work?

Postby TerryE » 11. Apr 2009, 20:56

No it won't Version 2.1 and 2.2 have experimental support for OpenGL. DirectX is futures.
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