DOS games & VirtualBox

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DOS games & VirtualBox

Postby Antanas » 9. Dec 2008, 14:32

I use VirtualBox under Vista x64. I created DOS virtual machine and installed DOS 6.22. I try to play 'Crusader: No Remorse' game but it runs jerkily. Sometimes speed is normal but sometimes the game is too fast. Cutscenes (video) is always played to fast.

I tried to use VMWare and there wasn't such problems.

Is it possible to slow down the machine?

Any ideas?

My CPU is Intel E2180
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Postby ghr » 11. Dec 2008, 15:28

Use DOSBox ?
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Postby Antanas » 15. Dec 2008, 05:52

ghr wrote:Use DOSBox ?

This is the only solution?

Is there a way to solve such performance issue (guest is sometimes too fast) in virtualbox? On the same system there is no such problem with VMWare.

I think the problem is connected with non-uniform internal timer in guest OS
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Re: DOS games & VirtualBox

Postby Innomen » 9. Mar 2009, 10:36

I to am interested in throttling the speed of a Guest for the purposes of Dos gaming.

"use DOSBox" is obnoxious. Try it once, the emulation is horrific and has about as much compatibility as the latest ps3 emulator.

I guess speed is my next priority. There must be a way to do this.
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