VirtualBox creates unremovable network drivers

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VirtualBox creates unremovable network drivers

Postby pjmlp » 18. Nov 2008, 22:48


I am using VirtualBox 2.0.4 on WinXP SP3, and I have found a problem with it.

When I create a new network on the HostInterfaces section and if I cancel the installation, when Windows asks for my authorization, I will have an "Unknown Network Card" on the device manager.

I already tried to delete the ones created, but Windows does not allow me to do it, it says they might be in use.

Is someone aware of this problem?

How can I get rid of these virtual network cards?

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Found a fix

Postby pjmlp » 18. Nov 2008, 23:58

I have found a way out for my problem, posting solution here for others with a similar problem.

On the device manager, select the faulty network card and search for drivers.

When Windows asks what you want to do, select manual search for drivers, and look for the drivers available from Sun. There you will find the VBoxTAP driver, select it and install it, even if Windows warns about it not being signed.

Now your unnamed driver should be called something like "VBoxTAP", it is now possible to remove it with the device manager.

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Postby LastLawyer » 19. Nov 2008, 02:04

hi paulo,

that solution works. had the same problem some days ago since my start of testing VB and did it the same way you described.

best regards

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Postby Sasquatch » 19. Nov 2008, 20:47

Thanks for the info. That is one for the FAQ, as it seems to happen quite often. People are easily scared by those messages and hit cancel before realizing that they shouldn't do that.
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