Need to permanently disable Update Popup

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Need to permanently disable Update Popup

Postby Original PK » 3. Dec 2021, 18:38

Hi all,

We update software using a scripted mechanism that has to pass testing before client machines are updated so that we don't interrupt our dev process with incompatibilities in software versions that cause issues. This is not negotiable.

We need to remove the Virtualbox update check on client pcs - how can this be done? We can't have people updating willy-nilly or it will invalidate our infrastructure consistency

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Re: Need to permanently disable Update Popup

Postby scottgus1 » 3. Dec 2021, 20:26

That Virtualbox update check can be stopped by unchecking "Check for Updates" in the main Virtualbox window, File menu, Preferences, Update. However, the file that contains the status of that box is
Virtualbox.xml, which is in the user's folder and does not require admin access to edit, so the update check can be turned back on again by a standard user. Changing permissions on the folder containing Virtualbox.xml will break Virtualbox, as Virtualbox needs full standard-user write access to that folder.

And the user can go update Virtualbox manually at any time, if the user has permissions to install software.

Stopping an update should be done by overall admin permissions, not allowing folks to install stuff without the correct password.
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