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Windows 10 crash whilst opening Brave.

PostPosted: 18. Sep 2021, 15:49
by Maks7594
Just wanted to download VLC Media Player, but the VM suddenly stopped working. Someone explain this part of the log to me?!?!
(i only posted the parts which seem to cause the crash)

01:05:10.793249 VMMDev: Guest Log: Got multi resize request 1 displays
01:05:10.793306 VMMDev: Guest Log: [0]: 0 0x39 0,0 1600x835 32
01:05:10.797549 Display::i_handleDisplayResize: uScreenId=0 pvVRAM=000000000b1b0000 w=1600 h=835 bpp=32 cbLine=0x1900 flags=0x1 origin=0,0
01:05:21.035875 VirtualBoxClient: detected unresponsive VBoxSVC (rc=RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE 0x800706BA)
01:05:46.511341 GUI: Request to power VM off due to VBoxSVC is unavailable.
01:05:46.511370 GUI: Passing request to power VM off from machine-logic to UI session.
01:05:46.511378 GUI: Powering VM down on UI session power off request...
01:05:46.511529 GUI: Passing request to close Runtime UI from machine-logic to UI session.

Re: Windows 10 crash whilst opening Brave.

PostPosted: 18. Sep 2021, 17:37
by mpack
This is going to discuss the host OS, which I assume is Windows. Topic therefore does not belong in "Windows Guests", it belongs in "Windows Hosts".

VBoxSVC is a background process on Windows Hosts that provides common services to all running VMs, including (I believe) the graphics acceleration API. For some reason the VBoxSVC process either locked up or was deliberately killed/crashed. I've never heard of it locking up, so I'm going to assume the latter.

Since you were running VLC, I'm also going to guess that the cause was a buggy host OpenGL driver, since that is also used for accelerated video overlays.

Please confirm the host OS and perhaps indicate the graphics card make.

Any further discussion will require the complete VM log, zipped and attached here.