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Error relaunching VirtualBox VM Process:5

PostPosted: 16. Sep 2021, 22:50
by Joao L Fragoso
I`m getting again "Error relaunching VirtualBox VM Process:5". This sometimes works and sometimes it does not work.
I'm already killed/uninstall everything I had known as culprit, but no success in getting it working properly without a lot of fails.
Now it is falling and no way to get it back.

Any ideas how to identify the culprit of this error?

Re: Error relaunching VirtualBox VM Process:5

PostPosted: 17. Sep 2021, 10:28
by mpack
Instead of fragmenting it, why didn't you just zip the log file? Hardening logs zip very well.

Anyway, you have Avast AV installed. FAQ: Diagnosing VirtualBox Hardening Issues.

Re: Error relaunching VirtualBox VM Process:5

PostPosted: 23. Sep 2021, 17:15
by Joao L Fragoso
This used to work with Avast on that. I even installed Avast before VirtualBox.
But, it is really painful to have anything uninstalled every time... looks like a dedicated machine to run a VM box, almost considering to install destination OS directly on the machine.

Re: Error relaunching VirtualBox VM Process:5

PostPosted: 24. Sep 2021, 00:55
by scottgus1
Some AV pulls the same tricks that malware pulls to get into programs on the PC, and under certain circumstances, such as if the AV provider forgets to sign a dll, Hardening will catch on it.

Additionally, some "security software" like HP ProtectTools and Trusteer Rapport and their ilk can interfere in ways that does not show in the hardening log but can trigger hardening issues.

Your hardening log has exit code 1, which fits with the above sources of problems. Last paragraph of post 3 and post 4 cover places to look. If uninstalling Avast as a temporary test step and rebooting does not free up Virtualbox, look around for other security software you might have.

Windows 10's built-in Defender AV does not interfere with Virtualbox. I only use the built-in Defender now that Microsoft decided that being the number one world malware vector was not a good marketing point and decided to do something about it.

Since you're running Windows 10, try using only Defender and see if Virtualbox runs. Then if you want to put the 3rd-party AV or other progs back, do one at a time with a reboot and a Virtualbox test. You might find the causing program. Or reinstallation might engender coexistence.