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Mouse locking multiple VMs

PostPosted: 14. Jun 2021, 19:16
by Dan_the_B
Recent installation of Win10 and VBox 6.1.22.
I've used Linux Mint for creating VPNs to customers for ages so I don't have to VPN my entire rig.
Just today it's started locking the VM (i.e. to lock screen, requires password) when I'm moving the mouse around. It does the same if I type quickly.
Uninstalled Logi Options - rebooted, tried again, reinstalled.
Uninstalled VirtualBox, rebooted, tried again
Used a different keyboard and mouse

Then I tried a fresh install of Linux Mint, an install of Kali Linux and one of Ubuntu.
All Mint installations behave the same.
Kali and Ubuntu is generally fine for 5 minutes or so then the mouse locks up.

Nothing outside of Virtualbox is exhibiting anything unusual.

Please help (I've been an IT engineer for a very long time, so please don't be afraid to suggest anything technical)

Re: Mouse locking multiple VMs

PostPosted: 14. Jun 2021, 21:20
by Dan_the_B
I've replicated the issue in VMware Player so it's definitely my rig, not VBox. You can ignore this issue.