How to change to natdnsproxy instead of natdnshostresolver ?

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How to change to natdnsproxy instead of natdnshostresolver ?

Postby falcon74 » 4. Mar 2021, 08:29


Facing some weird and inconsistent issues with docker networking or docker name-resolution with it running inside an Alpine Linus guestOS, with Virtualbox deployed on Windows 10 Enterprise host. The name-resolution is erratic, as is the hostname assignment to docker containers. Researching on this subject, I found a pointer to issue which could be somewhat related but reported only MacOS host, but I suspect that similar workaround might be usable on Windows host. The workaround is to use natdnsproxy instead of natdnshostresolver. May I know how and where I could try to make this change ? More importantly, how do I check what is the current setting/selection in this regard on the guest VM. Note that my guestVM has both 'NAT' (not 'NAT Network') and 'Host only' networks.

Thanks in anticipation for any pointers or advice.

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