Error launching VirtualBox (E_FAIL 0x800004005). System32\ntdll.dll issue?

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Error launching VirtualBox (E_FAIL 0x800004005). System32\ntdll.dll issue?

Postby jarcos » 2. Mar 2021, 16:14


I'd like to ask about one error at launch that could be related to some incompatible Windows update, since it was working as normal one Wednesday and then suddenly the following Monday it always crashed. Since it's my work computer I've only recently been given admin rights and only to my user, so restoring to a previous version of Windows is not an option, and I wonder whether it can be solved.

I've tried what I could google to fix it, including reinstalling it (fixed other errors that happened previously) and uncoupled start/launch, but the former did not help at all this time while the latter only abolished one of the two error messages at launch.

Originally there were a lot of conflicts with .dll files and [lacks WinVerifyTrust]. After delaying this for a few weeks to instead use VirtualBox in my personal computer I find that this is no longer the case, current and more recent .log file is attached. Since I'm a new user I can't honestly guess what's wrong, although since several times in the current error log ntdll.dll files are mentioned (and less frequently kernel32.dll and KernelBase.dll) I wonder if it could be as simple as deleting then and downloading separate new/older versions to replace them, or something more complex I can't guess. In case it's helpful, I'd also like to point out that this problem persists in old, newly created, and imported virtual machines, so I don't think it's one in particular now being corrupted.

I'd be thankful if anyone could confirm since the free space in my personal computer is limited, so coupled with having to switch computers constantly for work being a bit bothersome I worry that eventually installed software within my virtual session, snapshots etc. will end up using all my free space and lead to further complications.


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Error that remains after uncoupled start, with attached file of errorlog
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Initial error abolished by uncoupled start, originally but no longer fixed by reinstalling
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Re: Error launching VirtualBox (E_FAIL 0x800004005). System32\ntdll.dll issue?

Postby scottgus1 » 2. Mar 2021, 18:29

See Diagnosing VirtualBox Hardening Issues, post 4 and the las paragraph in post 3. The exact cause is not shown in the log that I can see.

You may have some security software, HP ProtectTools, Trusteer Rapport, some sort of web-safe nanny software, corporate IT overlord software, etc. that can't be detected by the log but does block Virtualbox. Use your imagination and question anything that acts like the above, and see if you can uninstall it.
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