cannot install virtualbox on windows 10

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cannot install virtualbox on windows 10

Postby rgurung » 2. Mar 2021, 07:42

I tried to install virtual box on my computer and which I click to install it says that " it cannot uninstall the older version of Virtualbox contact your technical support "
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Re: cannot install virtualbox on windows 10

Postby scottgus1 » 3. Mar 2021, 21:23

Virtualbox is installed via the Windows MSI installer system. Your Windows MSI database is bunged up. Web-search how to enable MSI logging, then try the installer again. Zip and post the log file the installer makes.

Take a look at these resources:
socratis wrote:That article seems to be: Basic troubleshooting steps for Windows Installer.

I have two other links to suggest. See also if you have any corrupted MSI database files:

You could also try a re-install of 6.0.24. If you have the 6.0.24 installer, try running it and do a Repair or Remove. You can re-download the 6.0.24 installer from If Windows asks for an MSI file, try this:

Download the Windows Virtualbox version exe from the Older Builds link in Downloads.

Make a temporary folder on you computer to hold the extracted files, like C:\VBOXMSI.

in a regular command prompt window, drag the downloaded exe file. The full path and file name of the exe will appear at the command prompt.

Type {space}--extract{space}--path{space}
(Note: each {space} is a single hit on the spacebar)

Drag the temporary folder you made on the command window. The path and name of the folder will appear in the command window.

The command will look like this:
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drive:\path\to\VirtualBox-[versionnumber]-Win.exe --extract --path c:\VBOXMSI

Run the command. The MSI will be in that temporary folder.

Note there's one annoying glitch with the installer. A message box which does not have an accompanying icon in the taskbar will display the results of the last command. If you leave this message box open, further runs of commands with the .exe file will not do anything. You will have to find the message box and close it. And if you minimize all the windows with the Desktop Peek tool you may not be able to find it to close it.
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