Accessibility issues in virtualbox for windows

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Accessibility issues in virtualbox for windows

Postby Vsevapopov2 » 28. Sep 2021, 11:23

Hello everyone!
I am a blind screen reader user, but I have issues using virtualbox for windows.
When there was virtualbox 5.2 and lower, the virtualbox GUI was much more accessible for screen reader users than now.
Virtualbox 6.1 is practically unusable. It is possible to create a virtual machine, but it is really difficult to cycle between virtual machines if there are more than 1 in the list due to the fact that there is always a search field that pops up while tabbing around the interface. Also in dialogs none of the buttons and radiobuttons are labeled for screen readers, they are announced as "Unknown".
There are a lot of accessibility issues reported on a public tracker of virtualbox, but none of them were closed or fixed.
I hope that this situation will be changed, because virtualbox is a free software and we as blind users also would like to use a virtualization software for testing needs.
I will be glad to provide any help regarding the accessibility testing of test builds and reporting bugs.
Thank you!
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Re: Accessibility issues in virtualbox for windows

Postby scottgus1 » 28. Sep 2021, 14:31

Thanks for posting a Bugtracker ticket on this!

We here on the forum are not able to change Virtualbox, but hopefully the devs will get this fixed soon.
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