How to configure FTDI232 module.

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How to configure FTDI232 module.

Postby maxpro » 5. Aug 2021, 17:10

Hello all,

Here is my setup, I installed Virtualbox on my windows 10 -64bit machine. And my guest os is windows 7-32bit. I want to use a USB to serial converter the FTDI232 module on the guest os. However, As I'm using this virtual box for programming transceivers (radio), cause the software is just made for 32-bit os only. So, the instruction for communicating with the radio I need to assign a com2 port. Here is the most confusing part I'm facing now. I see under Ports (COM & LPT) one is communication port and another is USB Serial Port, now on which port I have to assign a required port number. Or do I need to assign a different port number to both or shall I assign the same to both? It's frustrating to me. Please help.
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Re: How to configure FTDI232 module.

Postby scottgus1 » 5. Aug 2021, 17:55

Can you please first explain if you are using the Serial Port settings in Virtualbox or passing the USB-serial device through the USB settings? Or are you trying both?
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