Can't find Linux VBoxGuestAdditions.iso

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Re: Can't find Linux VBoxGuestAdditions.iso

Postby scottgus1 » 1. Aug 2021, 23:48

Linux isn't limited in Virtualbox, either on host or in VM. Gobs of people run it all the time just fine. We just have to learn how to use the OS, same as I would if I got a Mac and had to know how to get something working.

This topic is about where to find the Guest Additions ISO, which is answered above. If you ever decide to try Linux in a VM, read the Linux Guests subforum, installing GAs is a common question. Post there for help from Linux gurus.
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Re: Can't find Linux VBoxGuestAdditions.iso

Postby DavidSpector » 2. Aug 2021, 00:04

Thank you. I will try that subforum, thanks.
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