I'm having trouble with VirtualBox.

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I'm having trouble with VirtualBox.

Postby yadav12 » 18. May 2021, 11:50

Hello, I'm having an issue with VirtualBox. When I try to construct a virtual OS, it doesn't show me 64-bit. Virtualization technology is already turned on once I entered my BIOS. Only VT-x is mentioned. When I return to VirtualBox, the 64-bit version is still unavailable. Is there anyone who knows the answer? Thank you very much. Greetings MrgFffYT is a trademark of MrgFffYT.

EDIT: My operating system is Microsoft Windows 7. VirtualBox is the most recent version. Integrated graphics card from Intel.

EDIT: I don't have anything new to say. Despite the fact that my laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C660, it performs admirably.
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Re: I'm having trouble with VirtualBox.

Postby mpack » 18. May 2021, 13:24

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Re: I'm having trouble with VirtualBox.

Postby scottgus1 » 18. May 2021, 16:58

OP is a copy of a Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/virtualbox/com ... irtualbox/ though the Reddit post is very new, so may be asking here for help. (found by web-searching "MrgFffYT")

yadav12, if you are in fact "MrgFffYT" from Reddit, 'Face_Plant_Some_More's advice from Reddit is spot on:
Face_Plant_Some_More wrote:Windows 7 is not a supported Host OS for Virtual Box 6.1.x. Upgrade your Host OS to a supported one. Or downgrade to an earlier build of Virtual Box.

5.2.44 has been a common version for those having to roll back because of failed Windows 7 host PC installs of 6.1.x

Also, note Mpack's link. 5.2.44 does not require VT-x/AMD-V, or 64-bit host OS's. But if you can run with VT-x/AMD-V and 64-bit host OS, Virtualbox performance will be better. On the other hand, a Toshiba Satellite C660 has low specs for a virtualization host, unless you souped it up.
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