No internet on guest after host goes to sleep

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No internet on guest after host goes to sleep

Postby harald123 » 9. May 2021, 19:06

I am aware this is an old problem ( ) , but I still have it today with an updated Vbox version.

VirtualBox: 6.1.18
Host Win 10
Guest LinuxMint

What I tried until now without success:
- restart network service on Linux (this worked in previous versions)
- connected and disconnected network adapter on the network icon in the right down corner
- switched from NAT to Bridge and back (this worked in previous versions)
- editing promiscuous mode
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VBoxManage.exe controlvm "LinuxMint19" nicpromisc1 allow-all
VBoxManage.exe controlvm "LinuxMint19" nicpromisc1 deny

- in the VBox adapter in Windows diagnose
- disabled and enabled the VBox adapter in Windows
- in network settings switched between different adapter types - Settings - Network - advanced - adapter type
- updated everything on the LinuxMint machine
- the MAC adress in network settings in Vbox matched Mac address in network information on the guest

I found these on different forums on the web, but they did not work.
There is another solution from here, but I do not know how to do this or if it is possible. ... d-p/874898

Is there any other solution available than restarting guest?

Thank you
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