Diff between these two CloneVDI prgms ?

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Diff between these two CloneVDI prgms ?

Postby pstein » 16. Jun 2010, 12:17

As I found out there are two different CloneVDI tools:

1.) In this forum: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=22422
2.) On this web page:
http://www.die-rooter.de/ITworks/archiv ... l#extended

What are the diffferences? Both seem to be somehow related

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Re: Diff between these two CloneVDI prgms ?

Postby mpack » 16. Jun 2010, 18:52

The program referenced by your second link is actually called CloneVDI-GUI, and is unrelated to my CloneVDI tool (rather, they are related only to the extent that they have one or two similar features, and a similar name). CloneVDI-GUI in fact came first by a year or two, but I was unaware that it existed until some time after my own CloneVDI tool had been announced.

As it's name suggests, CloneVDI-GUI is simply a GUI wrapper for VBoxManage, therefore :-

1. It can't easily provide any features that VBoxManage.exe does not provide.
2. Its performance can be no better than that provided by VBoxManage.
3. It can't work if VBoxManage.exe isn't present, which means (ironically) that you can't run it inside a VirtualBox VM.
4. If a VBoxManage feature of interest to you is broken in a particular VBox version, then it's broken in CloneVDI-GUI too.
5. Situations can arise in which your VDI is fine, but your VBox xml file broken, hence VBoxManage refuses to work and so therefore does CloneVDI-GUI. My CloneVDI tool however may still work (no promises).

By contrast, my CloneVDI tool was designed to be completely independant, in fact the whole point was to provide functionality not already provided by VBoxManage (for example: enlarging a drive, compaction without needing to run sdelete/zerofree first), and I also wanted it to work faster than VBoxManage. Also, since it is independant it gives you something else to try on those rare ( :roll: ) occasions when VBoxManage develops a bug in a feature you need.
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