Virtual Box einrichten für mehrere Benutzerprofile

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Virtual Box einrichten für mehrere Benutzerprofile

Postby Digger0612 » 25. Mar 2020, 08:35


ich habe eine VM aufgesetzt und nutze diese auf mehreren PC.
Auf diesen PC gibt es mehrere Nutzer. Wenn sich ein neuer Nutzer anmeldet und VirtualBox startet, ist keine VM angelegt.

Gibt es eine Möglichkeit global einmal was anzulegen und alle Nutzer sehen diese VM automatisch wenn sie VB starten?
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Re: Virtual Box einrichten für mehrere Benutzerprofile

Postby scottgus1 » 25. Mar 2020, 19:50

Yes. Doing this involves a new system variable, see ... ata-global

By default, Virtualbox looks for its configuration in a folder in your "home" folder on your computer. For Windows PC's Virtualbox goes to "C:\Users\{youraccount}\.Virtualbox". On Linux and Mac PCs it is "/home/{youraccount}/.config/Virtualbox". (See section 10.1 in the manual)

If the correct system variable is in place, Virtualbox will look into the folder set in the system variable for its configuration. On Windows, the system variable is VBOX_USER_HOME, and on Linux it is XDG_CONFIG_HOME. Set the variable to point to a public folder on your computer that all accounts can access (like C:\Users\Public), and any user who opens Virtualbox will see the common configuration, including the common guests.

Move your common guests to a public folder. If you are using 6.0.x or later, in the main Virtualbox window, right-click the guest and choose Move... If you are using 5.2.x or earlier, see Moving a VM.

If you have made any special configuration settings in the main Virtualbox window, File menu, Preferences, or NAT networks or Host-Only networks, then you may want to move your global configuration folder to the public folder too. If so, reboot your PC so no Virtualbox processes are running. On Windows PCs, move the .Virtualbox folder from C:\Users\{youraccount}\ to the public folder. On Linux, move the Virtualbox folder in /home/{youraccount}/.config/ to the public folder.

If you do not have any special settings and you want to start over fresh with a clean Virtualbox and your common guests, don't move the .Virtualbox or .config/Virtualbox folders. All of your guests will remain ready to use.

Make the new system variable and set it:
Windows: (VBOX_USER_HOME) C:\public\folder\path\.Virtualbox
Linux: (XDG_CONFIG_HOME) /public/folder/path/Virtualbox

Reboot your host. Start Virtualbox on the normal account.

If you moved the global configuration folder, all your guests should be there ready to go. Log out and in on another account. The guest list and all settings should still be there.

If you did not move the global settings folder to the new public folder, then there should be an empty guest list, even on the account that had the guests showing before. Go to each guest folder and register the guest's .vbox file. Once all of the common guests are registered, log out and in on another account. The guest list and all new settings should still be there.

One last thing, you may want to set the File menu, Preferences, General, Default Machine Folder to the public folder, so new guests are available to all accounts too.
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