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appliance can not be imported

PostPosted: 22. Mar 2021, 18:50
by peter silie
a custom appliance (.ova) cannot be imported
Error code:
E_INVALIDARG (0x80070057)
would be grateful for a tip

Re: appliance can not be imported

PostPosted: 16. Apr 2021, 11:24
by su-root
There seems to be some sort of error with your storage drive/SSD. The main reason is a lack of or inefficiently allocated free disk storage room. You can try to make room or change your file system to gain storage room. Alternatively, a virus or a corrupted Drive could cause the problem. If all fails, a system restore or clean installation of your OS could do the job.
I hope this information helps in some way, best of luck!

Re: appliance can not be imported

PostPosted: 16. Apr 2021, 12:48
by mpack
The question has been asked and answered before. ... type=&tbs=

The error code seems to be somewhat non-specific, it can mean a duplicate VM already exists, or an error in the OVA, and lots of other things that can't be diagnosed remotely.

When asked this question last year I answered thusly: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=96290#p467934, basically unpack the OVA yourself and install the contents manually. Those will not guarantee a working VM, but in that case you will at least get a better idea of where the process fails.