Web browser as a host using WebAssembly

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Web browser as a host using WebAssembly

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Hello everyone,

A few days ago, I had a crazy idea. What if I could compile a Linux VM to WebAssembly and run Docker on top of it? It could open crazy opportunities.

Potential limitations:
  • Networking in the browser might be limiting
  • Allowed resources by the browser
  • Maximum local storage allowed by the browser
Because we can

  • It would allow running learning environments directly in the browser. This would allow a whole new type of documentation.
  • Running desktop applications that would run in Docker directly in the browser.
  • Other crazy applications people could think of.
I thought the easiest path to accomplish this is to compile a preexisting virtualization software to WASM, and then the limit would be the sky. Maybe I am being too optimistic here, and this task is totally unfeasible, but I thought it'd be worth asking here to see if anyone has useful input.

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