NAT ok, but "NAT network" is not :(

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NAT ok, but "NAT network" is not :(

Postby JUSTAcat » 29. Jul 2016, 09:36


i am baffled by this... the internet connection would work when the network adapter is attached to NAT.
When the same network adapter is attached to "NAT network", it received an IP, gateway, and DNS as it should. But there is no internet connection and ping to gateway and DNS would fail... not sure if it's related, the OS os freebsd 10.1

any suggestion? thanks
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Re: NAT ok, but "NAT network" is not :(

Postby socratis » 29. Jul 2016, 10:25

It's working as expected on a OSX host. In the VirtualBox preferences (the general ones, not the VM's), under Network, NAT Network (checked), edit, what values do you have? Mine look like this:
  • Enable Network: Checked
  • Network Name: VBoxNATNet (can be anything you like)
  • Network CIDR: (can be anything you like, just make sure it doesn't conflict with anything else)
  • Supports DHCP: Checked
  • Supports IPv6: Checked (that's not crucial, but nice to have)
  • Port forwarding: Empty (that might change, depending on your needs)
This is also reflected in the output of the list NATNetworks command:
   $ VBoxManage list natnetworks
NetworkName: VBoxNATNet
IPv6 Enabled: Yes
IPv6 Prefix: fd17:625c:f037:14::/64
DHCP Enabled: Yes
Enabled: Yes
loopback mappings (ipv4)
If you obfuscate any information requested, I will obfuscate my response. These are virtual UUIDs, not real ones.
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