Has anyone tried PCBSD??

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Has anyone tried PCBSD??

Postby b_chris » 23. Jul 2007, 05:12

and had any success??

I've had a few goes and it crashes on install.....
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Postby Technologov » 23. Jul 2007, 08:22

Yes, PC-BSD is on OS, that I really would like to support on different virtualizers, including VBox.

And I still had no success with it, but I will try again.

Actually, if the PC-BSD community wants to, they can improve VBox and even write guestAdditions to make good experience.
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Postby b_chris » 23. Jul 2007, 14:11

I've been trying to install PCBSD on VBox with a linux host. I've almost tried everything but no luck, pity.
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Postby bobdod » 4. Sep 2007, 14:02

It seems to work with the new version. I just got 1.4RC installed and running on VBox 1.5, linux host. I don't know if PCBSD 1.3 works though, I haven't tested it.

I haven't played with it much, so I can't say anything about stability.
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Yes, work.

Postby vfontanella » 7. Dec 2007, 20:15

I use it some time for tests but in new 1.5 vbox.
what version are you useing?
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Postby putto » 13. Dec 2007, 04:04

I have PC-BSD 1.4 running quite happily under VB 1.4beta (OS X host, Macbook) and VB 1.5 (Windows XP host). Installation was faultless and networking, sound, video etc. work fine on both hosts.

Problems? On OS X host, I can't get PC-BSD to mount USB memory sticks. It correctly identifies the device, but there's nothing I can do to access it. This also applies to Ubuntu 7.10 guest on the same host. USB memory sticks mount automatically under both guest OSs on the Windows host.

I like PC-BSD a lot - seems fast and stable, although KDE took a while to grow on me after using OS X and Gnome.

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Postby tchoklat » 23. Dec 2007, 00:33

I have VB 1.5.2 on a PCLinuxOS host. I have installed PC-BSD (latest version). It installs faultlesslybut reports a critical VirtualBox (Guru Medicatation) error when I try to run it. Other guests; Windoze XP, Fedora 8 and Gutsy run fine!

Any help appreciated!
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Postby Kuja IX » 3. Jan 2008, 03:24

I have the same issue with Virtualbox 1.5.4 on a Windows Vista host.
After a successful installation, a Guru Meditation appears when trying to run PC BSD 1.4.1.

Here are the VBox.png and the VBox.log like describe in Guru Meditation error message :
Kuja IX
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Can't get any of the FreeBSD 6.3 based distributions to work

Postby darkmatter14B » 30. Jan 2008, 00:00

I'm having the same problem as outlined above. I've tried
FreeBSD 6.3, 7.0, PC-BSD, and Desktop BSD 1.6, on a Ubuntu 7.10 host with VirtualBox 1.5.4.

All will install but all will
freeze during bootup (same error as in above post).

Really wish the new FreeBSD based distros would run on VirtualBox as I like it better than VMware workstation, but the BSDs will run on VMware so I'm stuck with using it for a while.
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Postby putto » 19. Mar 2008, 03:50

It looks like I bragged about my lovely installation of PC-BSD a little too soon. It broke on updating to PC-BSD resulting in the same Guru Meditation errors reported by others. I have since tried installing 1.5 on the latest VB on both Mac and Windows hosts without success. The installation CD fails to boot very early on.

It's a shame - I have PC-BSD running on an old Toshiba notebook and it is really impressive.
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Postby ThePhwner » 9. Apr 2008, 05:52

There seem to be similar issues with FreeBSD and NetBSD, ie won't fully install. Some have reported varying degress of success changing some of the emulation settings on Free and Net; anyone try with PC?
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PC-BSD x64 on VBox 2.04 Vista x64 host

Postby ElQuia » 25. Oct 2008, 06:40

The same here guys, vista x64 as host, VBox latest 2.04, pcbsd will install (wont boot as live cd) but It wont boot in to any kind of gui, nor as 16bit, nor 24 bit, nor vga, nor vesa NOTHING
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Postby mapsonyllaer » 1. Nov 2008, 01:59

You can run a TWM session on PC-BSD 7.1 32 bit on vista 64bit host without guest additions, if you really need to ...

I would really like to use a BSD variant on a virtual box. Where is the wishlist?
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Postby gazzanova » 2. Nov 2008, 22:52

running pc-bsd 6.3-Release-p2 on a linux x64 with virtualbox 1.6.4

bit of a cpu hog though, sound and ethernet works but no mouse integration have to use right control to toggle

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Works for me

Postby jparen » 4. Dec 2008, 10:39

- Asus F3E notebook
- Fedora 10 -64bit
- VirtualBox 2.0.6
- PC-BSD 7.0.1 as guest (32bit)

Tried several setting, even reinstall 3 times ... no luck at beginning ...
Finally :
- At logon change to KDE (failsafe)
- Restart
- At boot choose #7 --> Run Display setup wizard
- Change display to 16 bit, res 1024x758, Vesa

Voila !!
It works .... :D
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