How to run Vxworks on Virtualbox

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How to run Vxworks on Virtualbox

Postby nawnwa » 5. Nov 2017, 12:46

Hi , I have been trying to make Vxworks run on a virtual x86 machine on Virtualbox . But i am not able to understand how to get the bootrom load the kernel using PXE or a virtual floppy boot.
I want to test some networking function in Vxworks , but neither do i have the simulator nor the target.

I have been trying to search how to visualizer vxworks , but there has been little or no luck . I found one where the guy made changes to the config.h (the bootline parameter) and an amd network driver file to get the vxworks to network boot using an ftp server on the host . But unfortunately there wasnt enough information to complete the task .

Can anyone shed some light here ??
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Re: How to run Vxworks on Virtualbox

Postby ChipMcK » 5. Nov 2017, 15:16

Check out VxWorks guest broken on v5.X for other info

Good luck!
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