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problem with eCS (OS/2) guest on copy (#16862)

PostPosted: 21. Jun 2017, 17:58
by dhdurgee

Mod. edit. Related ticket: #16862

I have an eCS 2.1 (OS/2) guest virtual machine that I set up on a virtualbox linux 4.3.40 r110317 host that runs as intended. I am attempting to clone this to another host running virtualbox linux 4.2.38 r110681 and encountering issues with one program. I copied the virtual machine configuration over and the guest will boot, but one program in particular generates SYS3175 and SYS3176 errors when I attempt to run it. I have confirmed via md5 that the executable file encountering the errors is unchanged and that all required dlls appear to be available to it.

I have attached displays of the two virtualbox configurations. Any suggestions how to determine the problem and correct it?