Android_x86 on Win7: Mouse integration

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Android_x86 on Win7: Mouse integration

Postby Sebastian Weber » 4. May 2017, 18:08


I'm working on an industrial project where an Android app is running in Android_X86 inside a VirtualBox 5.1.22 machine on a Windows7 host. (And a Win10 host)
In the future, there will be an app without the need for user interaction, but currently a human being has to tap onto the android screen.

The mouse works perfectly with mouse capture, but being trapped in a window until the HOST key is pressed is not user friendly, especially not in an production environment.

Mouse integration works... *somehow* , but there's always an offset between the "host mouse" and the "guest mouse", so you don't click where you intented to. :(

BTW: I tried "PS/2-Mouse", "USB-Tablet" and "Multitouch USB-Tablet" als pointer device in the VM config. Except from mouse integration not being available in PS/2-mode, this doesn't change anything.

Is there a known way to get mouse integration working correctly?

Further more, the monitor is a touch screen, which would be the natural pointing device for android... if it works. Mouse capture is not an option here, and mouse integration is just the same as with the real mouse. At least, this could mean that the touch screen might work well in integration mode when the mouse does, too...
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Re: Android_x86 on Win7: Mouse integration

Postby mpack » 4. May 2017, 18:16

Not a "Windows Hosts" question. Moving this topic to "Other Guests".
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