android-x86 sound don't work

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android-x86 sound don't work

Postby midaoiw » 9. Feb 2017, 23:56

Hi everyone. I installed android-x86 following all instructions and change audio controller to SoundBlaster 16 like it said in guide but i still have no sound. I was googling and only thing i found it's to change Audio Controller to SoundBlaster 16 and a post from one guy having same problem in VM Player and he types he fixes it editing the VM Player config like that
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sound.present = “true”
sound.allowGuestConnectionControl = “false”
sound.virtualDev = “hdaudio”
sound.fileName = “-1”
sound.autodetect = “true”
sound.pciSlotNumber = “34”

Coud someone help me please to fix this problem ?
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Re: android-x86 sound don't work

Postby mpack » 10. Feb 2017, 11:47

midaoiw wrote:change audio controller to SoundBlaster 16 like it said in guide

Which guide is that? Presumably you mean something offsite.

SoundBlaster16 is a very old card, it was obsolete long before Android existed. Are you certain your Android installation has drivers for it?

We know that a VirtualBox VM does SoundBlaster16 emulation properly, because DOS and Win3 guests can use it just fine. That means that your problem is most likely in the configuration of your Android guest.
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