FreeDos 1.1 - What is the best packet driver and utility?

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FreeDos 1.1 - What is the best packet driver and utility?

Postby Vinix » 9. Oct 2016, 01:50

Hello everyone.
I would just want to know, up to this date, what is the best packet driver for FreeDos 1.1 on the latest VirtualBox version and what utility is the best as well.
I am downloaded the e1000odi driver and it seems like it works for the 3 intel pro options in network configuration.
I am using mTCP. I tried doing a ping from my virtualmachine to my host and viceversa and can't do a ping. Doing a ping to itself doesn't work as well, but it can ping google for example.

Should I try another packet driver and another networking utility as watTCP or is mTCP good enough?

I saw in the "other downloads" section, inside /net that there are many utilities to choose from and I don't really know which one to pick up.

Please, if you know about any optimal configuration tell me these:
- Packet drivers used (like e1000odi or e1000pkt
- VirtualBox network adapter type (Like Intel Pro 1000 MT Desktop...)
- Utility used (like mTCP)

I am trying to set up a communication between the host and the freedos guest. But I it seems I can't ping each other.
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Re: FreeDos 1.1 - What is the best packet driver and utility?

Postby Ozymandias » 11. Nov 2016, 05:29

Nice. This is a thread that I need as well. I was going to ask for something very similar. Thusly, I do not know the answer to your question. Instead, I will be lurking around this thread and keeping an eye on it for answers.
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