Installing ReactOS as a guest os

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Installing ReactOS as a guest os

Postby Rotten2theCore » 10. Jun 2008, 03:02

I've just installed ReactOS-3.4 as a guest OS on a Fedora 9 Host running VBox 1.6.0. It was a very fast install and for those unfamiliar with ReactOS, think Windows XP with a little Linux injected into it. You can find it at Warning, it is still in Alpha stages and is definitely not ready for primetime. It appears to be a free windows clone, although it only supports DOS FS and not NTFS yet. I set up my VM with 128MB RAM, the default 8MB video RAM and a fixed 4GB vdi. The current problem I have are the drivers for the INTEL 82441FX Pentium Pro Processor to PCI bridge and the Intel 82371SB PCI to ISA bridge. The code is supposed to be M$ compat, allowing you to run sftwe for Windows, so maybe I might just try installing the Guest Additions for Windows and see if that works. Otherwise the system randomly gives the equivalent of the infamous BSOD. If it works than their is another OS that can be run as a guest. I'll post later with results.
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Postby SSCBrian » 16. Jul 2008, 16:48

Latest version of ReactOS also works fine (well, as fine as alpha software can ;) ) under VB 1.6.2 with Vista x64 as the host.

Other than BSoDs while pinging it seems to work well.
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Install of Guest Additions hangs

Postby Paul Abrahams » 13. Sep 2008, 02:47

I got started all right (with the installation of the sound and system drivers failing, however). But when I attempted to install the Guest Additions, the process hung at the point where it attempted to install drivers. The last two messages were:
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Installing drivers ...
Output folder: c:\Program Files\Sun\xVM Virtual Box Guest Additions

I did observe that a number of files had been stored in the output folder, however.
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