"Other" OSs that VBox can run

Discussions about using non Windows and Linux guests such as FreeBSD, DOS, OS/2, OpenBSD, etc.


Postby phreadom » 17. Jul 2009, 12:36

ThePhwner wrote:Plan 9 guest on a Vista X64 host

I've noticed a few people have managed to get this running... can anyone elaborate on how? Which version of Virtualbox was used, which video settings in the Plan 9 setup etc.

I can get as far as starting up rio, but regardless of the video settings I choose (vesa, vga, xga, resolution, bit depth etc), I have the screen resize to the selected resolution, but nothing displayed but noise. :(

(I do have Plan 9 running under another VM fine at the moment, but would like to get it running in Virtualbox.)

Thanks in advance. :)
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Re: "Other" OSs that VBox can run

Postby Exillis » 15. Sep 2009, 01:45

Haiku Alpha 1 is running fine on VirtualBox 3.0.6 (installed from ISO) including SMP support (tried with 2 processors).

Host is Windows Vista 64-bit. Everything just works with the exception of SATA emulation. I had to boot as IDE.

When you first boot and go into the Live installer you need to add a partition and write the boot sector. It's a little confusing at first, though I did not read the documentation.

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Re: "Other" OSs that VBox can run

Postby birdie » 3. May 2010, 20:21

Haiku Alpha 1 is running just fine, even OpenGL demos work :)

There are several issues: many applications are quite unstable and tend to crash.

Intel AC97 audio is detected, but you'd better avoid listing to any music files, because audio can damage your ears :)
Haiku alpha 1 in VirtualBox 3.2 screenshot.
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Re: "Other" OSs that VBox can run

Postby birdie » 16. Jun 2010, 22:28

It seems like it's never been mentioned before, but OS/2 is quite usable in VirtualBox, even the Internet works (albeit Netscape Navigator cannot render properly most popular websites).

I'm terribly sorry for the image quality but this forum doesn't allow attachments larger than 128KB.

PNG version of this image can be viewed here.
OS/2 Warp 4.52 in VirtualBox
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Re: QNX 6.4.0 on VirtualBox 2.1.2

Postby meoconvn38 » 17. Jun 2010, 19:49

s1oan wrote:Image

COOL I am going to study RTOS , have you ever try install Vxworks and FreeRTOS use Viralbox?
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Re: "Other" OSs that VBox can run

Postby CME » 20. Jun 2010, 03:54

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Re: "Other" OSs that VBox can run

Postby espectalll123 » 20. Feb 2011, 23:13


Lime 0.2 running on Virtualbox 4.0.0 (http://lans-h.webege.com/lime.html)


Visopsys 0.7 running on Virtualbox 4.0.0 (http://www.visopsys.org/)

Can they be added to the OSE OS lists? Please! :wink:
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Re: "Other" OSs that VBox can run

Postby etam » 9. May 2011, 21:22

Status update: VirtualBox 4.0.6 and ReactOS 0.3.13: Guest additions installs successfully and mouse integration works.
The only problem is that after reboot desktop uses 256 colors, but you only need to open display properties -> last tab "settings" -> set colors to TrueColor and reboot.
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Re: "Other" OSs that VBox can run

Postby dlharper » 26. Aug 2011, 19:03

For any other retro enthusiasts out there, I have just tried out DR's GEM, and it seems to run perfectly in VirtualBox.

GEM desktop and "about" info on VirtualBox
virtual_gem_about.jpg (103.04 KiB) Viewed 16695 times

This is GEM 3.11, dated 1988 (as you can see). In case you don't remember, GEM was an early graphical OS for the PC. It never really caught on, though, and eventually it was eclipsed by Windows.

It runs on top of DOS, like earlier versions of Windows, or it will run on CP/M-86 instead. I am running it with DOS 6.0, because that is the earliest version I have handy, but it used to run perfectly well with MS-DOS version 2, and it only needed an 8088 processor (though it was a bit slow with one of those).

GEM Paint (and accessories) on VirtualBox
virtual_gem_paint.jpg (119.61 KiB) Viewed 16694 times

As far as I can tell it all works under VirtualBox, except that it won't print. (I can print to a file through a virtualized COM port, but I cannot do much with the file when I have it. It cannot usefully be sent to a modern printer.)
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Re: "Other" OSs that VBox can run

Postby scp » 3. Oct 2011, 00:08

Tested Debian GNU/Hurd 0.3
On Host:
VBoxManage convertdd debian-hurd-20110716.img debian-hurd-20110716.vdi
Created VM with Other/Unknown, 512MB RAM and IO-APIC enabled

On Guest:
X -configure
mv /root/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf
console -d vga -d pc_mouse --repeat=mouse -d pc_kbd --repeat=kbd -d generic_speaker -c /dev/vcs
apt-get update
apt-get install iceweasel
apt-get install iceape

- Network works (with apt-get)
- No mouse in X
- Could not test Web browser because they don't start
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Re: "Other" OSs that VBox can run

Postby andrzejpopielewicz » 5. Jan 2012, 10:15

Coherent 4.2.10 boots fine in newest version 4.1.8r75467 running in XP.

PC Platform is DELL Optiplex 755 2.6 GHZ with Core 2Duo

Floppy image can be downloaded from my page


After download of the image rename it to crescue.img

Then add it as virtual floppy diskette to floppy controller in virtual box settings.

During creation of the new machine set the virtual disk type to vdi and choose for example 100 or 400 MB as a size etc.
After booting floppy image You will be prompted , choose cohat as kernel name.
Then being in booted system create the Coherent partition using fdisk

fdisk /dev/at0x

You will be prompted and I hope You will succeed . Choose the whole space for the partition, or create more partitions.

Now You have at least one partition. We have to make filesystem on it.
For example

/etc/mkfs /dev/at0a 2000000

where 200000 means the specific number of 512 byte sectors. The number of sectors can be seen in fdisk during creation of the partition.

And now we mount it

/etc/mount /dev/at0a /mnt

Then we have to copy all files from out floppy , it means from / to /mnt.

Because the /etc/mnttab is corrupted do the following

mkdir /mnt/etc
cp /etc/* /mnt/etc
cp .lastlogin /mnt/etc/mnttab

directories can be copied with cpdir ( and dev must be, because it contains special files )

mkdir /mnt/dev
cpdir /dev /mnt/dev
after copying all files

/etc/umount /dev/at0a
cp ./lastlogin /etc/mnttab


After rebooting choose cohat0 as a kernel name
Now the root device will be the disk (11,0), not floppy (4,15). (major,minor)

Remark : It is very fast on Optiplex box. On standard P4 ThinkCentre system, without Core2 Duo is NOT.
Perhaps it is multicore which makes it so fast or perhaps SATA , which is present on Optiplex and not on my ThinKCentre.

Have a fun.

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Cdos 386 V3.0

Postby fdelgreco » 13. Jan 2012, 11:24


I have reached to run Concurrent dos V3.0 from Digital Research on VBox. It work fine after some configuration of UMB usage.
I am trying to use UMB for the OS in order to leave a larger place for applications but I have not yet got a convenient configuration.

I'll search.
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Re: "Other" OSs that VBox can run - OS/2

Postby dandrake » 18. Jan 2012, 05:15

This is encouraging news. Except for the part about its being impossible to do a normal install of OS/2, but possible with a work-around. Has this detour been posted anywhere? It hasn't been obvious in my search so far. Any ointer to it would be very welcome.
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Re: "Other" OSs that VBox can run

Postby Yeysus » 17. Jun 2012, 17:29

I just want to thank all contributors to this thread; seeing this OS/2, old Windows, again brought me a lot of forgotten memories. Great Posts!. Thanks, Jesus.
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Re: "Other" OSs that VBox can run

Postby TaeWong » 17. Jan 2013, 16:07

OK, what is an forum warning? You’re not banned. Delete this locked topic among with your topic on the last one. Your OS/2 Warp 4 virtual machine comes up with errors every time when you try to start in floppy mode.
OS/2 !! SYS02025
OS/2 !! SYS02027

Start in CD-ROM and the error message appears.
FATAL: Could not read from the boot medium! System halted.

Start in IDE controller primary master and the error message appears.
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