W10 14971 Certificate is invalid

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Re: W10 14971 Certificate is invalid

Postby AndyMidd » 22. Nov 2016, 15:53

Socratis: Thanks for response. Yes, you assumed correctly about versions. Fast brain, slow fingers, I think.
Uninstalling explicitly, and reinstalling (as a "normal" admin user) succeeded.

So, that begs another question: why did the upgrade fail?

Before uninstalling, I checked the VB version reported by the manager: it was 5.1.10. And there were no errors reported during the upgrade. And I rebooted, too. Oh well: I should have tried uninstalling first....
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Re: W10 14971 Certificate is invalid

Postby rseiler » 22. Nov 2016, 18:11

AndyMidd wrote:So, that begs another question: why did the upgrade fail?

Because of your "failure" to do this:
https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic ... 3&p=322433

Now, I should have responded to the ticket, but I never received notification of the response, so forgot about it.

It's still an inexplicable problem and an accident waiting to happen, as you found.
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Re: W10 14971 Certificate is invalid

Postby Jacob Klein » 22. Nov 2016, 18:15

I have confirmed the fixes on all 3 VirtualBox branches. Great work and response time, Oracle!

soulraventnt / Forum Moderators:
Would you please consider editing the first post to say:
The problem in this thread, has been fixed with:
- Oracle VirtualBox v5.1.10 Build 112026
- Oracle VirtualBox v5.0.29 Test Build 112021
- Oracle VirtualBox v4.3.41 Test Build 112025 --> https://www.virtualbox.org/download/tes ... 25-Win.exe

Thanks for picking up the 4.3.x branch. It is a relief for me, knowing that my older huge BOINC VM tasks (with 450+ days runtime each so far), might complete on Windows 10! I'm not sure what your plans are for 4.3.x, but I'd recommend a silent public non-Test release, when a showstopper bug like this is fixed, and maybe silently release it at the same time as the 5.0.x maintenance release.

Thanks again guys!
Jacob Klein
Jacob Klein
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