OSXFUSE w/ VirtualBox for 'vboximg-mount'

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OSXFUSE w/ VirtualBox for 'vboximg-mount'

Postby socratis » 17. Dec 2018, 03:28

At the same time that the OSX GAs were a part of VirtualBox 6.0.0 b3 (between r127164 and r127302) the 'vboximg-mount' tool was introduced! With the OSXFUSE package being installed along the default VirtualBox installation.

Thankfully, the latest and greatest FUSE for OSX 3.8.2 was included along with VirtualBox. Unknowingly I became a guinea pig (I'm doing unattended uninstalls/installs to save time). And I never realized it... It simply worked! It did not screw up my system. OSXFUSE is the only other kernel extension that I have on my Macs, I want them as clean as possible. And this one is a vital one for NTFS Read/Write access (think sticks, HDs).

So, THANK YOU @developers for carefully crafting the installers/uninstallers as to not botch my setup!

Since this is the first incarnation where OSXFUSE is bundled with VirtualBox, I would like to draw your attention to potential future upgrades/downgrades. I often go up and down in VirtualBox versions to test different scenarios. And I update my OSXFUSE independently (at least I was for years). It would be a shame to have a conflict of sorts either when upgrading or downgrading.

I guess all I'm asking is to consider the difference combinations that might arise from upgrading/downgrading VirtualBox at will (along with OSXFUSE), and an independent OSXFUSE update, obviously to a newer version.
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