(UI) Observations and Enhancement Ideas

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(UI) Observations and Enhancement Ideas

Postby Dave B » 11. Dec 2018, 02:13

1. One slightly unfriendly design element, compared with 5.x.x, is Settings, Discard, and Start buttons changing positions, depending whether in Details, Snapshots, Logs screens. Not too helpful for muscle memory. While I often use right click context menus, I sometimes use buttons, imagine this is more relevant while using touch screens.

2. Settings -> Display, Video Memory and Scale Factor sliders, it would be helpful to have predefined slider snap positions, same way Base Memory offers snap positions.
Following snap positions would be useful...

Video Memory - 32, 64, 128
Scale Factor - 125%, 150%, 175% (matching radio button options seen in running machine)

3. Once Create Virtual Machine -> Expert Mode has been selected, this setting helpfully remains for all future machine creation. Since a user has selected Expert Mode, it would be helpful for this setting to be honoured globally. Currently, with Create Virtual Machine and Expert Mode selected, Storage -> Add Hard Disk -> Create new disk default remains as Guided Mode.

4. Should GNU/Linux virtual disk drive default sizes be increased from 10GB to 20GB? For example, Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon system requirements mention 15GB of disk space (20GB recommended).

Thank you for taking time to read the above, for any consideration, and feedback.
Dave B
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Re: (UI) Observations and Enhancement Ideas

Postby socratis » 12. Dec 2018, 03:38

  1. If you have any ideas, draw a mock up, a fake GUI and the logic. More than happy (personally) to see different ideas.

  2. Yes, good one!

  3. I think that they don't even look at the Expert vs. Guided to tell you the truth. Good one as well. +1

  4. They always go with the minimum required. If a specific distro has special needs, they can't in reality change *all* new VMs to have that large of a hard drive. There was a point that Kali installers would fail silently if the HD was not at least 20 GB. I think that they still do...
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