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PostPosted: 10. Dec 2018, 22:40
by stes
I've simplified the (experimental) script to load the VirtualBox BETA software into a local IPS repository :

The "host" software is now simply pkg:/virtualbox/host/vbox and the "guest" software that can be installed on a minimal guest (text only) is pkg:/virtualbox/guest/vboxguest but for the guest the OpenGL and GNOME additions are separately packaged.
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This seems to work more or less on 11.3 and 11.4 (but do not use in "production" please). The host software is now also "packaged" but the main interest is probably in the guest packages (in order to easily update the vbox guest additions from the repository).
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# pkg info vbox
          Name: virtualbox/host/vbox
       Summary: Oracle VM VirtualBox
   Description: A powerful PC virtualization solution
         State: Installed
     Publisher: local
       Version: 6.0.0
 Build Release: 11.4
        Branch: 3.127054
Packaging Date: Mon Dec 10 18:08:26 2018
          Size: 286.45 MB
          FMRI: pkg://local/virtualbox/host/vbox@6.0.0,11.4-3.127054:20181210T180826Z

# pkg list -af virtualbox/*
NAME (PUBLISHER)                                  VERSION                    IFO
virtualbox/guest/gnome (local)                    6.0.0-3.127054             ---
virtualbox/guest/opengl (local)                   6.0.0-3.127054             ---
virtualbox/guest/vboxguest (local)                6.0.0-3.127054             ---
virtualbox/host/vbox (local)                      6.0.0-3.127054             i--

Re: create-virtualbox-repo-0.2.0

PostPosted: 11. Dec 2018, 00:21
by socratis
Moving to the "Beta/RC" area from the "Solaris guests". 6.0.0 is still in beta... ;)

Re: create-virtualbox-repo-0.2.0

PostPosted: 11. Dec 2018, 15:21
by stes
Although I've only started writing this script for 6.0.0 beta, it actually also seems to work for the 5.2.* series.

I loaded a number of .pkg files into the repo with the script and it is possible to pkg install vboxguest@5.2.x with 'x' a specific number such as 10 or 22 etc. to go to 5.2.10 or revert and upgrade back.

It's a Solaris specific issue, and by itself it is a totally experimental script and beta itself (and related to the 6.0.0 beta in the sense that I've only used it now with 6.0.0).

The update is now :
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This is to load 6.0.0RC1 into a repo. One can then upgrade like :
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root@saturn:~# pkg update -v vboxguest

to go to
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root@saturn:~# modinfo | grep vbox
233 fffffffff8115000 30f68  224  1   vboxguest (VirtualBox GstDrv 6.0.0_RC1r127)

257 fffffffff8206000 4870   225  1   vboxms (VBoxMouseIntegr 6.0.0_RC1r12737)
root@saturn:~# pkg info vboxguest
             Name: virtualbox/guest/vboxguest
          Summary: Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions
      Description: Oracle VM VirtualBox Guest Additions for Solaris guests
            State: Installed
        Publisher: local
          Version: 6.0.0
           Branch: 127378
   Packaging Date: Tue Dec 11 08:47:47 2018
Last Install Time: Tue Nov 27 07:18:26 2018
 Last Update Time: Tue Dec 11 13:13:01 2018
             Size: 20.41 MB
             FMRI: pkg://local/virtualbox/guest/vboxguest@6.0.0-127378:20181211T
root@saturn:~# svcs -a  | grep vbox
online         14:15:50 svc:/application/virtualbox/vboxmslnk:default
online         14:15:50 svc:/application/virtualbox/vboxservice:default

However this is not specific for 6.0.0 - it will also work for 5.2 vboxguest additions I think.