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IPS repo for 6.0.0r3

PostPosted: 9. Dec 2018, 18:45
by stes
Temporarily available (and BETA do not use for production !) an IPS repo in the Oracle cloud (at

The script to load the packages into the repo is at ... 1.0.tar.gz

IPS repo to install VirtualBox 6.0.0r3 beta on Solaris 11.3 or 11.4.

on Solaris 11.3 or 11.4 (experimental do not do this on production server) :

pkg set-publisher -g virtualbox

The command to install is : pkg install virtualbox-host (for the host) or pkg install virtualbox/guest/filesystem for a guest.

For example:
# pkg publisher
solaris origin online F file:///var/pkgrepo/
virtualbox origin online F

# pkg list -af virtualbox/*
virtualbox/guest/filesystem (virtualbox) 6.0.0-3.127054 ---
virtualbox/guest/gnome (virtualbox) 6.0.0-3.127054 ---
virtualbox/guest/module (virtualbox) 6.0.0-3.127054 ---
virtualbox/guest/mouse (virtualbox) 6.0.0-3.127054 ---
virtualbox/guest/opengl (virtualbox) 6.0.0-3.127054 ---
virtualbox/guest/vboxguest (virtualbox) 6.0.0-3.127054 ---
virtualbox/host/vbox (virtualbox) 6.0.0-3.127054 ---
virtualbox/host/virtualbox-host (virtualbox) 6.0.0-3.127054 ---

# pkg install -v virtualbox/host/virtualbox-host

This seems to work for me on Solaris 11.4 (GNOME desktop installed) and Solaris 11.3 as well.
In the case of Solaris 11.3 tested with:
# pkg list entire
entire 0.5.11- i--

After "pkg" installation the VirtualBox kernel drivers attach:
# modinfo | grep vbox
307 fffffffff7fc9000 3a18 322 1 vboxbow (VirtualBox NetBow 6.0.0_BETA3r1)
308 fffffffff80d0000 57bf8 323 1 vboxdrv (VirtualBox HostDrv 6.0.0_BETA3r)
309 fffffffff7e6f548 d08 324 1 vboxnet (VirtualBox NetAdp 6.0.0_BETA3r1)
311 fffffffff7ddb000 6e20 325 1 vboxusb (VirtualBox USB 6.0.0_BETA3r1270)
312 fffffffff7f51000 47e8 326 1 vboxusbmon (VirtualBox USBMon 6.0.0_BETA3r1

In addition creating and running a guest seems to work fine, at least using NetWorking "Bridged Adapter" for example with an etherstub:
# dladm create-etherstub est0
# dladm create-vnic -l est0 vnic0
# ipadm create-ip vnic0
# ipadm create-addr -a vnic0/v4

After booting the guest the 'vboxvnic0' is correctly bridged over est0
# dladm
net1 phys 1500 down --
net0 phys 1500 up --
vboxnet0 phys 9706 up --
est0 etherstub 9000 unknown --
vnic0 vnic 9000 up est0
vboxvnic0 vnic 9000 up est0

Re: IPS repo for 6.0.0r3

PostPosted: 9. Dec 2018, 19:43
by stes
The server was only temporary and is now offline ... However it is possible for anyone interested to setup your own repo using the script, if it is useful. It's also much more efficient to host the repo locally ...