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Shared folders simply got stuck, beta 2 & 3

PostPosted: 2. Dec 2018, 17:08
by Air Force One
I use the MP3 converting program in the guest to convert the files on the host through the shared folders feature. It worked fine over the years, but now after some files or some time the shared folders simply hangs and I even couldn’t restart the guest OS and have to reset it. In the third beta it happens already after 5 files or 3 minutes.

This issue first arrived in the second beta (both versions 126642 and 126867) but then was back ported to the 5.2.23 brunch (started with version 126798). With current third beta (127054) it happens even earlier. I filed the ticket with all logs for the version 5.2.22. In 5.2.23 126581 everything works fine.