VirtualBox 5.2 Release Candidate 1 released

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VirtualBox 5.2 Release Candidate 1 released

Postby michael » 30. Sep 2017, 13:55

Please do NOT use this VirtualBox Release Candidate on production machines. Although we expect it to be reasonably stable, there are still likely to be a few problems making it unsuitable for mission-critical use which will be found as more people start using it.
You can download the binaries here. Please use sha256sum to compare the hash of the downloaded package with the corresponding hash from this list.

VirtualBox 5.2 will be a new minor release. Here is an incomplete list of changes since beta 3:

  • Added experimental audio support for video recording
In addition, the following items were fixed and/or added:
  • GUI: Virtual Media Manager rework allowing to manage media attributes, like size, location, type and description
  • GUI: Host-only Network Manager implemented to simplify managing corresponding networks and their attributes
  • GUI: Snapshot Pane rework allowing to manage snapshot attributes, like name and description; reworked snapshot details which looks more clear, corresponds to VM Details pane and reflects current VM state difference according to last snapshot taken
  • GUI: Audio settings extended with possibility to enable/disable audio input/output; corresponding changes were done to Audio and Video Capture settings pages; VM Devices menu and status-bar extended with corresponding actions and indicator as well.
  • Storage: implemented support for CUE/BIN images as CD/DVD media including multiple tracks
  • Storage: implemented support for the controller memory buffer feature for NVMe
  • Storage: first milestone of the I/O stack redesign landed
  • E1000: Windows XP freeze when booting with unplugged cable
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