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Any plans for GUI Unattended Install ?

PostPosted: 3. Aug 2017, 23:05
by Technologov
Congrats on releasing v5.2 !

One feature that I'm looking at is "Unattended Install", of course, a feature that I wrote many years ago as a separate patch for VirtualBox.
Now it seems that Oracle's version doesn't allow a GUI Unattended install, which defeats the purpose, as it's intended to help noobs getting started. (while my version has a nice GUI for this feature). Overall CLI-only version is not interesting.

Is there a plan to add GUI version to v5.2 ?

Here is a link to my patch: (vbox-unattended-0.9-beta6 for VirtualBox v5.0.x)

Thanks in advance,

Re: Any plans for GUI Unattended Install ?

PostPosted: 11. Aug 2017, 15:01
by frank
Of course there is a plan for a GUI extension, though I don't know when this will happen. While I agree that having the GUI functionality would be a nice to have, I do not agree that the functionality is useless without GUI support.