3.0.0.b2 succesfully installed in SLES11

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3.0.0.b2 succesfully installed in SLES11

Postby klaus_ph » 28. Jun 2009, 19:23

hi boys and girlz
just now sunday in german beertown (=Radeberg ;-)

some hours are gone. for this I get running: Vbox 3.0.0beta2 on SLES11

only one vm is on: WXP (sp3) with an (a)dsl-proxy solution (=win32) from AVM (-> !ken) (=nice piece on software)
we name the vm="ken"

ken is working with his own NIC to get adsl from t-online/telekom
on main machine (sles11) there are 4 nic's:
-eth0 for main purpose
-eth1 especially for ken (adsl onto ken)
-eth2 and eth3 are not activated. they will wait, for some good other jobs.

ken gives for a 4 parted home internet. there are some emails_accounts; ken is a good firewall (I don't need not any antivirus_program; my main machine is OS/2[ecs2beta5]: of course there are non needed. since ken is working, the other 3 parts havn't get any virus. we're are not talking about scumbug from internet: therefore there are spybot. [but this is offtopic, sorry]

if there is someone in interesting some knowledge about the procedure, go on. email is welcome
in some other lifetime I'm interessing in change from windows-!ken to pure linux, something like squid (or squish?) [also offtopic ;-)]

yours klaus

NB I forgot....
there some irritations...
I allways use a vncconnection to gnomedesktop. there I can see vbox. If I start vbox in THIS vncconnection(gnome), and get off from gnomedesktop, vbox is off. why? it is not anymore useable.
maybe my knowledge about those vncconnections on one gnomedesktap lacks. I can't open another vncconection, I'll never get this connection, this desktop; i'll get a NEW gnome_desktop.
does anybody understand what I do mean? it ofcourse a simple question.....
basicly born on os/2, later ecs2. matureness on linux, loving real servers from ibm ;-)
bytheway: I HATE deleting of msg, unequal if mine or not. in german forums (qnap/os2_org) this happens. I wish, this would be NOT happen in virtualbox_forum!
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