3.0.0 Beta 1+2 on MacOS X and OpenSolaris 2009.06 guest

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3.0.0 Beta 1+2 on MacOS X and OpenSolaris 2009.06 guest

Postby constantin » 26. Jun 2009, 14:53


here's my experience with the VirtualBox 3.0.0 Beta1 and 2 releases on Mac OS X Leopard with a OpenSolaris 2009.06 guest, running in 64 bit mode:

  • Previous stable environment: VB 2.2.4, with 2.2.4 guest additions installed.
  • Upgraded to 3.0.0b1. Guest works fine.
  • Switched 3D accel on, doesn't work (black screen, no X).
  • Switched SMP support on, seems to work on a kernel level (it boots) but still no luck with X. Same with 3D off.
  • Upgraded to 3.0.0b2. Same as above
  • Upgraded the guest additions to the ones shipped with 3.0.0b2
  • Graphic rendering is broken: The upper 10th of the screen displays a very distorted view of the login screen, otherwise the system seems to work ok. This is independent of 3D accel or SMP on/off
  • Downgraded to 3.0.0b1. Still the same.
  • Downgraded to 3.0.0b1 guest additions. Still the same.
  • Installed the 2.2.4 guest additions into the machine running on 3.0.0b1. Everything ok again, but not using 3D nor SMP any more

It seems to me that the 3.0.0 b1+b2 guest additions for Solaris are broken. Is this a known bug?

Will upgrade to 3.0.0b2 but leave the guest additions alone for now.

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