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3.0.0B2 and OS/2 Boot Manager

PostPosted: 24. Jun 2009, 22:58
by TrevorPH
I'm trying the beta having come from 2.0.4 which is the last version that is fully functional for me with an OS/2 guest on a CentOS 5.3 host.

Booting a virtual disk containing an already installed copy of OS/2 with its Boot Manager installed will always halt pre-display of the boot manager menu with the message 'Drive 1 is not ready. Press any key.'. This message is issued by the OS/2 Boot Manager but it does so only when a bug is present in the BIOS of the machine it is running on.

This issue started occurring with the release of VBox 2.1.0 and persists in every release of the product since.

Re: 3.0.0B2 and OS/2 Boot Manager

PostPosted: 25. Jun 2009, 01:19
by TrevorPH
The message issued changes with the number of hard disks attached to the VM. If I have both a primary master and a slave then the message changes to say Disk 2 instead of Disk 1.