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SMP - High Host CPU Usage -> fixed already

PostPosted: 19. Jun 2009, 23:09
by dmcgraw
I was happy to see the 3.0 beta with SMP support. SMP support was the last big thing I was hoping for in VB, so I am happy to see that so much effort has been put in to develop it. I know this code is experimental and I have already read a post from the developers that several bugs have already been fixed, so I will be anxiously awaiting the beta 2 release.

I am only posting this in case it can be of any help to the developers.

It took a bit of effort and research, but I was able to get a Windows XP Corporate Edition running on an Ubuntu host with 2 cores seen by the guest.

The only problem I am seeing is that even when nothing is happening on the guest, two of the four cores on my host are pegged at 100%.

Not sure what information the developers will need about this, so just tell me if I can provide any more information.


Re: SMP - High Host CPU Usage

PostPosted: 19. Jun 2009, 23:41
by wsun013
might give you some idea.


Re: SMP - High Host CPU Usage

PostPosted: 20. Jun 2009, 00:40
by dmcgraw
Thanks, that answers my questions.

I am running XP SP3, but I strongly suspect it is the same problem.


Re: SMP - High Host CPU Usage -> fixed already

PostPosted: 24. Jun 2009, 23:06
by dmcgraw
To update this as for the beta 2 release which came out today.

I can confirm that this is fixed as far as Windows XP SP3 is concerned.

I updated my my Ubuntu 8.04 host with beta 2 and booted my XP guest with a single core. Uninstalled and re-installed GA. Rebooted single core again and then shutdown. Enabled second core for VM and booted XP with SMP kernel. Everything came up fine.

I am looking at at the CPU usage on the host (Quad Core Dell) and I frequently see all 4 cores at or below 10% with nothing running foreground on the guest. McAfee is doing a virus scan which is pushing the CPU usage up a little, but still pretty good.

Kudos to the developers for the SMP. It was the one thing I have been waiting for in VB. I am impressed.