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VirtualBox Beta Guidelines

Postby sandervl » 17. Mar 2009, 15:01

First and foremost, please do not use VirtualBox Beta releases on production machines. A VirtualBox Beta release should be considered a bleeding-edge release meant for early evaluation and testing purposes.

The VirtualBox Beta Feedback forum's purpose is to collect user experiences and problem feedback to improve the final release. Please use this forum exclusively for this purpose. Our attention during the beta phase is focussed here, so posts elsewhere might go unnoticed.

How to report bugs/issues/problems in a VirtualBox Beta release.
  • First check if it is not already listed in the known issues post made for each beta release. There's no need to confirm that which we already know.
  • Use the search facility of this forum to see if others have reported your problem before. If so, please add your comments to the existing post.
  • Please do not use the bug tracker on our web site to report bugs. Use this forum instead.
  • Always include the VBox.log of the VM session you wish to report a problem for.
  • Please try to describe your problem clearly and if possible with reproduction instructions.

Thank you for your help to improve VirtualBox!
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