attachUSBDevice() raising exception on held Usb device state

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attachUSBDevice() raising exception on held Usb device state

Postby Herve C » 1. Jul 2019, 16:31


I am currently working on a projet using python3, and I encounter an issue with USB device attachement :
Host : Windows 10 (1903)
guest: Windows 7 sp1
Virtualbox API 5.2.XX

I read on the documentation that on Windows the device can be in BUSY state (and it is), after calling attachUSBDevice(), the device is then in HELD state.
As I read in the doc,

Note: Due to differences in USB stack implementations in Linux and Win32, states USBDeviceState_
Busy and USBDeviceState_Unavailable are applicable only to the Linux
version of the product. This also means that (IConsole::attachUSBDevice()) can only
succeed on Win32 if the device state is USBDeviceState_Held.

So I said to myself let's recall attachUSBDevice()

the result of the second call is an exception:
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File "C:\Users\hch\AppData\Local\Temp\gen_py\3.6\", line 1279, in AttachUSBDevice
    , aCaptureFilename)
pywintypes.com_error: (-2147352567, 'Une exception s’est produite.', (0, None, None, None, 0, -2147467259), None)

vbox.VboxException: NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Une exception s’est produite.
    raise VboxException(vboxErr(com_e))

Here is my code to attach a device

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def attach_usb_device(mach, device):

    session = None
        if mach.state == vb_const.MachineState_Running:
            session = vb_ctx['global'].openMachineSession(mach)
            console = session.console

            if (device.state == vb_const.USBDeviceState_Available) or\
               (device.state == vb_const.USBDeviceState_Busy):
                console.attachUSBDevice(, None)
            if device.state == vb_const.USBDeviceState_Held:
                console.attachUSBDevice(, None)

    except pythoncom.com_error as com_e:
        raise VboxException(vboxErr(com_e))
        if session:
            if session.state == vb_const.SessionState_Locked:

I think i'm missing something...
thank for your help
Herve C
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