Accessing the event queue from C++ via the SDK

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Accessing the event queue from C++ via the SDK

Postby Zrax0111 » 11. May 2019, 01:28

The SDK Manual (specifically, section 2.3.4 in the 6.0 manual) mentions that event queue processing can be done by calling
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int EventQueue::processEventQueue(uint32_t cMsTimeout)

However, unless I'm missing something, that object and method are not accessible anywhere from the either the mscom or xpcom SDK bindings. I do see wrappers for it in the Python and Java bindings, and even a version in the C glue, but nothing for C++/COM users. How is a poor C++ user supposed to access the event queue with only the SDK (i.e. without pulling in the VirtualBox source tree)?
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