Detach frame buffer from working machine.

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Detach frame buffer from working machine.

Postby siuks24 » 23. Apr 2019, 16:34

I'm trying attach my frame buffer to the virtual machine.
I've written my class of framebuffer inherits from IFramebuffer.
I start up virtual machine from Vbox GUI (I cannot run it by IConsole::PowerUp() because application which I'm writing have to connects to working machines)
When virtual machine is working I run my app and I want to connect to VM, detach the old frame buffer and attach my one.
To detach the old frame buffer I need a UUID of detaching frame buffer and I have to give it as argument of "IDisplay::detachFramebuffer (in unsigned long screenId, in wstringUUID id)".
So I would like to know if possible is to detach the frame buffer from working machine which was run by other process than my?
If its possible, how to get UUID of the old frame buffer?

Thanks in advance!
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