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[C++]Copy file to guest host

PostPosted: 13. Dec 2018, 17:36
by Nitron
Host: Windows 7 64
Guest: Ubuntu 64 / WIndows 7 64
Version: 5.2.22
Guest Additions: 5.2.22

I have the problem with copy file to guest host. While creation IGuestSession seems appear some problem.
The call CreateSession completed seems OK but WaitFor return errors.

CreateSession(userName, userPass, 0, 0, &pGSession);
GuestSessionWaitResult resWaitSess;
rc = pGSession->WaitFor( GuestSessionWaitForFlag_Start, 30 * 1000, &resWaitSess );
rc == 0x80bb0005 (The specified user was not able to logon on guest)

I've tryed this operation with guest machines on Ubuntu 16 and Windows 7. In both cases parameter user was correct. THe password parameter used only in Ubuntu.

Code: Select all   Expand viewCollapse view
        HRESULT rc;

   IMachine *machine = NULL;
   BSTR machineName = SysAllocString(L"Ubuntu18");
   rc = virtualBox->FindMachine(machineName, &machine);
   if (!FAILED(rc))
      ISession *session = NULL;
      IConsole *console = NULL;
      IProgress *progress = NULL;
      BSTR sessiontype = SysAllocString(L"gui");
      BSTR guid;
         rc = machine->get_Id(&guid); /* Get the GUID of the machine. */
         if (!SUCCEEDED(rc))
            printf("Error retrieving machine ID! rc = 0x%x\n", rc);

         /* Create the session object. */
         rc = CoCreateInstance(CLSID_Session,        /* the VirtualBox base object */
            NULL,                 /* no aggregation */
            CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, /* the object lives in the current process */
            IID_ISession,         /* IID of the interface */
         if (!SUCCEEDED(rc))
            printf("Error creating Session instance! rc = 0x%x\n", rc);

         /* Start a VM session using the delivered VBox GUI. */
         rc = machine->LaunchVMProcess(session, sessiontype,
            NULL, &progress);
         if (!SUCCEEDED(rc))
            printf("Could not open remote session! rc = 0x%x\n", rc);
         /* Wait until VM is running. */
         printf("Starting VM, please wait ...\n");
         rc = progress->WaitForCompletion(-1);

         /* Bring console window to front. */
         rc = machine->ShowConsoleWindow(0);

                        // in this poins the guest machine loaded completely

         rc = session->UnlockMachine();
         rc = machine->LockMachine(session, LockType_Shared);
         rc = session->get_Console(&console);

         IGuest* pGuest = nullptr;
         rc = console->get_Guest(&pGuest);

         IGuestSession* pGSession = nullptr;
         BSTR userName = SysAllocString(L"User");  [b]// The Name and password are correct[/b]
         BSTR userPass = SysAllocString(L"1");
         rc = pGuest->CreateSession(userName, userPass, 0, 0, &pGSession);
         GuestSessionWaitResult resWaitSess;
         rc = pGSession->WaitFor( GuestSessionWaitForFlag_Start, 30 * 1000, &resWaitSess );
         IErrorInfo* pInfoErr = nullptr;
         rc = GetErrorInfo(0, &pInfoErr);
         BSTR szErrStr = nullptr;
                        // szErrStr == "The specified user was not able to logon on guest"

         BSTR srcFile = SysAllocString(L"D:\\WishList.txt");
         BSTR dstFile = SysAllocString(L"./home/WishList.txt");
         rc = pGSession->FileCopyToGuest(srcFile, dstFile, 0, &progress);
         rc = progress->WaitForCompletion(-1);

                        // [b]last 2 times the rc had E_OK but file not appear in guest[/b]
         BSTR filePath = SysAllocString(L"./home/Temp2");
         rc = pGSession->DirectoryCreate(filePath, 0700, 0);



         MachineState state;
         rc = machine->get_State(&state);

         // Power Down VM
         rc = console->PowerDown(&progress);
         rc = progress->WaitForCompletion(-1);
      } while (0);

Thank you for any help!

Re: [C++]Copy file to guest host

PostPosted: 18. Dec 2018, 20:08
by Nitron
It possible partial solved.
In Windows OS must be set a password in account. If password not been set then we will have 0x80bb0005 (The specified user was not able to logon on guest)
Using account without password on Windows OS is possible only on "Professional" if set special flag: gpedit.msc Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options -> Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console logon only and set it to disabled.

The problem with Ubuntu still open.

Re: [C++]Copy file to guest host

PostPosted: 18. Dec 2018, 20:17
by noteirak
As per IGuest::createSession() doc:
Anonymous sessions, that is, sessions without specifying a valid user account in the guest are not allowed reasons of security.

Re: [C++]Copy file to guest host

PostPosted: 5. Jan 2019, 16:59
by LordKaoS
The problem with Ubuntu still open.

Not an expert, but I suggest replacing the 0 parameters in
CreateSession(userName, userPass, 0, 0, &pGSession);
with empty strings or nullptr.